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17/02/2009 · I have used Shell V-Power 93 since the first time I filled up the tank in my then brand new 2007 Civic LX. The owners manual states that I may use "87 octane or higher" fuel. With this in mind, I decided to use V-Power 93 for the extra detergent additives. I have added ~4 ounces of Lucas UCL to each tank of fuel without fail. 06/10/2004 · Shell's new V-power 93 octane gas. publicenemy137. 10-02-2004, 09:38 PM. I'm not sure if shell V-power meets that criteria, but there are some gasolines labeled "top tier" that do meet these. I believe one is chevron. And the American petrolium institute is quite displeased with these manufacturers for doing this. 10/06/2015 · Shell has released its latest fuel, V-Power Nitro, which is designed to minimize negative effects from gunk carbon deposits, corrosion, and wear. They’ve tested their own fuel versus competitive premium gasolines, and have strong claims against the competition. Shell V-Power. 28/06/2010 · Use nothing but Shell V-power 93 here. Shell claims that it is actually closer to 98 octane so I figure it gives me a little bit of a safety window if I get a lower octane batch. Jun 28, 2010 19.

Took a 206 mile trip through the White Mountains and used the Shell 93. Used the same pump when I re-filled. My DIC showed 34.4 when I filled up after the 206 mile trip. It took 5.8 Gallons of V-Power to do the 206 mile trip. If I did the calculations right, It should be right around 35.5 miles per gallon. I think I will continue with Shell. 09/07/2009 · In TX we don't have a choice. I have been using Shell V power almost exclusively for 12 years in my 98 Supercharged Grand Prix and now my Challenger I have had 0 problems with knock and when we tore down the engine from bearing problem from me overreving the engine, it. Went for a drive today and stopped at a Shell station. The 93 Octane V-Power had a sticker on it that said "0% Ethanol". For once I happily topped off the 911's tank knowing that my CIS would be pleased. 05/12/2013 · "Shell V-Power is actually 99 per cent the same as the fuel compounds used by the Ferrari F1 team," explained Dr Cantlay. The fuels are so close now you could get an F1 car to run on V-Power, or use F1 fuel in a street car. But that still doesn't explain what.

I prefer to use 93 octane or the highest available at commercial gas stations because they tend to contain higher quality fuel. The 'top grade' fuels, such as 'Shell V-Power 93' and 'Chevron with Techron 93' have better additives and usually do. Shell’s partnership with Scuderia is mentioned in the development of Shell V-Power. The last 10 seconds 20-30 of the TVC summarises how that travelling with Shell V-Power is the best thing that you can do for yourself and the performance of your car. Shell V-Power Transcript [Background music plays]. Shell 91, or V-Power 93 and most of the other brand "premium" gasolines do not have ethanol. The Canadian regulation requires 10% ethanol average in its fuel, by volume sold. So your lowest tier usually 87 octane will have 10% to 15% ethano.

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